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Role of the County Coaching Officer

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October 1, 2012


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Role of the County Coaching Officer

County Coaching Officer

Role description:                The overall role of the County Coaching Officer is to ensure that Coaching & Games Development Activities are implemented in line with Association Policy. He/she should be chairperson of the County Coaching & Games Development Committee.


County:                                 N/A


Reports/accountable to: An Cathaoirleach/County Executive Board




1.         To chair the County Coaching & Games Development Committee.


2.         To ensure that Coaching & Games Development Activities are implemented in line with Association Policy.


3.         To oversee the production of an Annual Games Development Plan for the County, which will outline in detail the priorities for Games Development in the County, including the development and provision of:


Games Opportunities:                   A regular programme of appropriate games at Child/Primary, Youth/Secondary and Adult/Third Level.


Skill Development Initiatives:      Coaching/Skill Development Initiatives appropriate to the age and ability of Child, Youth and Adult Players


Education Programmes:              A programme of courses and workshops to up-skill Coaches, Administrators and Referees to fulfil their roles in a Games Development context.


Support Initiatives:                        Initiatives to support the development of a sustainable sports system by managing the recruitment and training of key personnel within Clubs, Schools and Counties to effectively develop Gaelic Games in the community.



4.         To oversee the management of the County Games Development Budget.


5.         To report to the County Convention on the implementation of Games Development Activities in the County. [The report should include Committee evaluation of activities focusing on the quality of activities. This will compliment the quantitative reports from the Games Development Personnel.]

6.         To propose, advise and evaluate strategic direction in order to increase participation and optimise playing standards, including proposal of relevant motions.

7.         To liaise with Clubs and Units to support the development of effective Coaching & Games Development structures.





Skills required:


  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Good organisational skills
  • Ability to ensure decisions are taken and followed up
  • Ability to delegate key tasks to other officers where required




  • Have experience of best practice in Coaching & Games Development
  • Have experience of Committee involvement/people management
  • Have sound knowledge of the Association’s rules and procedures.


Other requirements:


  • Have time to do the job.
  • Have a genuine interest in the Association
  • Be of good standing in the community

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