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Organisational Guidelines of Peil Abú

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October 21, 2012


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Organisational Guidelines of Peil Abú

Peil Abú is a variation of the traditional Irish game of Gaelic Football, which has been developed to cater for social and recreational players. While Peil Abú has many common features with Gaelic Football, the one significant difference is that Tags are used for ‘tackling purposes’. A new football has been specifically designed for the game. Peil Abú can be played indoors or outdoors. The Playing Rules reflect the social and recreational nature of Peil Abú.

The underlying philosophy of Peil Abú is that Gaelic Games should be fun, enjoyable and accessible. Peil Abú is a new innovative approach to Gaelic Games and it is hoped that participants shall gain maximum enjoyment and benefit from their involvement in Peil Abú and, in the process, experience an enhanced sense of esteem, health and well being.

Click Here to Download the Organisational Guidelines of Peil Abú 2011

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