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Club Juvenile Coaching Coordinator

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October 1, 2012


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Club Juvenile Coaching Coordinator

Club Juvenile Coaching Coordinator

A chara,

Leinster GAA Games Development is promoting  the appointment of a Club Juvenile Coaching Coordinator within clubs. This policy has been encouraged by county games development officers/committees for the past two years and  as a result a number of clubs around the province have such people in place. These appointments have greatly enhanced and benefitted the development of gaelic games in clubs.

Considering  the success of these appointments, Leinster Council are asking all clubs to select a person for the role at this year’s AGM. The person identified should have a good understanding of coaching and games development (GAA Coaching Qualification is desirable) and be a good communicator. To ensure the right person is in place we are asking clubs to select and not elect this person. We would recommend however that they be a member of the Club Executive thereafter.

An overview of the role is enclosed but  if your club would like to learn more about the role in advance of your AGM we would encourage you to contact your County Coaching Officer or Games Manager.

Once the person has been appointed we would  appreciate if your club would contact the County Coaching and Games Committee with contact details of the person selected. To help and assist the Club Juvenile Coaching Coordinator understand their role a workshop will be held in each county.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Title: Club Juvenile Coaching Coordinator

Role: The Club Juvenile Coaching Coordinator will coordinate the activities of the club coaches and managers to provide a safe, smooth and rewarding progression for all its players from Under 8 to Minor


  • Club Coaching & Games Committee

To act as Chairperson of Club Coaching & Games Committee . The person will be responsible for organising periodic meetings of all coaches to review and evaluate progress within the club.  A function of this committee should be to promote underage activities in the local community and on player and mentor recruitment.

  • Club School Link

To forge close links with the local primary schools ensuring the club provides sufficient support through the provision of coaching classes and games to the pupils. Where appropriate develop a relationship with local post primary schools

  • Coach Education

To promote the education and qualification of all coaches within the club. He/She will encourage all Club coaches to attend appropriate courses, workshops and seminars and receive coaching qualifications. He will support the recruitment and development of coaches within the club, e.g. by sourcing mentors.

The person should work with Club Registrar in ensuring club coaches are highlighted on membership system in order to track numbers of coaches in system provincially.


  • Cul Camps

To be responsible for assisting county games personnel with organising and promotion of a high-quality Cúl Camp for all the children in the community from 7 up to 13 years of age.

  • County Coaching & Games

The person will have responsibility for liaising with County Coaching and Games and promoting county activities in the club.


The person will have responsibility for the promotion of the GAA RESPECT Programme within the club and encouraging younger players to get involved in refereeing.


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