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Leinster GAA Roadshow

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September 30, 2012


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Leinster GAA Roadshow

Click Here to Download Details of the Leinster GAA Gaelic Games Roadshow

The Leinster GAA Gaelic Games Roadshow is a mobile games based activity unit designed to enhance the promotion of gaelic games in our Clubs, Schools and Communities. It is unique because of the modified and novel GAA specific equipment that will ensure that each participants experience is fun, enjoyable and leaves a lasting memory.
The Roadshow’s main attraction will be the presence of Europe’s largest 45m x 30m inflatable Go Games pitch designed in such a way to help boys and girls play our games in a truly unique and fun environment. In addition to the pitch two inflatable stand alone goals will be on offer with targets to enhance the promotion of the GAA U Can Skill Awards. These goals can also be used for normal games. As part of the overall package Handball and Rounders activities will be included.
The mobile and accessible nature of the Leinster GAA Gaelic Games Roadshow means it will be available in a number of settings during school time, after school in local communities and during school holidays where larger grounds and centres of excellence give huge scope for all clubs to get an opportunity to experience the project. Outside of this opportunities will exist at games to enhance families match day experience and festivals. It is planned that the Roadshow will be trialled initially at selected Easter Camps around the province and will go operational towards the middle/end of April at which point the venues selected and schedule will be available on
‘Leinster GAA is delighted to have pioneered such an innovative and wonderful project, the first of its kind in Ireland. I would expect clubs and schools will be queuing out the gates to get the chance to experience Go Games in such a novel environment. If this means more children getting the opportunity to play our games well that will be a wonderful success and a nice headache for us. The attractiveness of the roadshow will definitely help us make an impact in areas where participation could be higher’ said Martin Skelly, Chairman of Leinster Council.
‘The Roadshow is big, its bright and hugely impressive said Dave Kavanagh, Chairman of Leinster Games Development Committee. He went on to say…..It’s a flagship project and one we hope will raise the profile and compliment coaching and games development activities currently ongoing in the province. I’ve no doubt it will have a huge impact wherever we bring it to and will help raise awareness of Go Games – which is to get more children playing our games, more of the time. I suppose ironically we don’t know where or how far the roadshow will take us and this will be determined by demand over the next few weeks which will ultimately dictate our schedule and format of delivery.’

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